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Tips For Finding The Right Conveyancing Solicitor For You

As long as you have a good conveyancing solicitor acting on your behalf, the hassle of moving house can be significantly reduced, as you will have an effective and efficient professional to rely on.

But with so many different firms offering their services, who exactly should you instruct? To ensure you reach the correct decision, here are five things you must bear in mind when searching for the right conveyancing solicitor:

Real recommendations

If a friend or family member has recently completed a conveyancing transaction, ask them about their experience. If they recommend their solicitor, you can feel confident that you will also receive a high quality service, as there is nothing more assuring than a personal testimonial from a happy client. You can find many our recommendations on our website, google, freeindex and other sites.

Experience counts

It is very important that the solicitor you select has a good amount of experience in conveyancing. This is a complex area of the law and you do not want someone who merely dabbles in residential property. Rather, you want a professional with a wealth of experience, or they will not have the knowledge required to handle any problems you may encounter. This can prove very costly, both in terms of time and money. We have been established since 1995 and our staff our either qualified lawyers/ solicitors or have over 15 years’ experience in conveyancing.

Easy to contact

You will need to work closely with your solicitor during the course of the transaction, exchanging documents, information and money. You therefore need someone who is easy to contact. You do not want to phone up with a question or a query, only to find you do not get a reply until days later. Nor do you want to be working with someone you do not get on with for an extended amount of time. We are open til 6pm weekdays and Saturday 10-2pm. We offer communication via email, telephone, face-to-face and post. We aim to give you answers straightaway but if not we keep you informed if we are trying to find out information for you.


During a property transaction, it is vital to garner some momentum, as this will allow you to speed up the process and limit the chance of an abortive transaction. It also ensures that you are not responsible for holding up the chain, something which can create all sorts of problems. This means your solicitor must be efficient in their work, driving your transaction forward towards a speedy and successful conclusion. We have a great team who are driven and motivated to see you move into your new home. Therefore, we often go beyond the norm simply to ensure you achieve the result you need.

Cost/Payment plan

Every conveyancing solicitor has a different price and a different payment plan. You must find one that works for you, or you may find you are left with a legal fee which you cannot pay. We are upfront about our costs from the outset and aim to set out our fees clearly. If at any point there are unexpected/unknown fees we let you know straightaway to you can ensure you are knowledgeable about your move and the costs involved.

We love to help people move home and our favourite part is letting you know you can go and collect your new keys. Moving home can be stressful and in some cases more complex than expected. We do however, combat this by ensuring you are updated with the best information and if there are any issues or problems with ensure you understand, are given choices and options to ensure you are fully in control of your life and situation.

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