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Buying Property

Buying Property – Conveyancing

We make buying easier with a fixed fee, high quality conveyancing service

Buying property can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. You may have found your next dream home, relocating or even jumping on to the property ladder for the first time. You will have lots of questions and there will be lots of questions you haven’t even thought of yet. You need to get on with the practical jobs of moving home and choose a solicitor who will get on with the legals. We do just that. We know the law and we know how hard work it can be moving home as well as work, kids, business and general day to day life. We try to make it that bit easier by offering fixed fee quality conveyancing service. Opening late and weekends, communication via text, email, person, phone or post whatever method suits you.

When buying property there are many choices and options along the way. Which searches to do, what type of heating is there, what do the deeds say, are there any planning permissions registered? the list goes on. We ensure you are equipped with the understandable knowledge, empowering you to make a well informed decision. We try not to bombard you with legal jargon which doesn’t make any sense without 10 years of training but ensure you understand what you are buying and help you make the right choice for you.

Buying Property

We aim to help you through every step on the way. We will try and ensure your transaction is kept to your scheduled if possible which will involve moving things swiftly and making a proactive approach to the process. We deal with the whole purchase including checking the deeds, raising enquiries, ordering relevant searches, reporting to you and your mortgage lender, checking mortgage offers, completing stamp duty forms and all that is involved with your purchase.

Check out our Guide to Moving Home as a taste of what the process of buying and selling land or property can be.

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By asking us to represent you, know that you are choosing a firm which wants the same goal as you. For free initial advice or a quotation just give us a call on 01772 424999, email enquiries@solicitordirect.com or visit us at 71 Hough Lane Leyland PR25 2SA. Wherever possible we always try to give you a fixed fee so you can budget your purchase along the way.