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Compromise Agreements

Compromise Agreements – Employment Solicitors

We must advise you to read this or speak to us before signing a compromise or redundancy agreement?

What is a Compromise Agreement?

A Compromise agreement is a legal document which you may be given by your current employer. The document is a type of contract between you as employee and your employer (or ex-employee) under which you the employee receives money (consideration), often a negotiated financial amount. This is in exchange for agreeing that he or she will have no further claim against the employer as a result of any breach of a statutory obligation by the employee.

Should I sign a Compromise Agreement?

It is ultimately your choice whether to sign a compromise agreement but to be valid, you need to have taken independent legal advice from a solicitor. We will talk you through the compromise agreement being offered to you and help you decide if it the best course of action for you. You may feel that the settlement on offer is not good enough to sign away your rights. You may wish to fight the case against your employer for your job back or for more compensation.

Your employer wants you to sign an agreement in order to prevent you from taking the route of pursuing your legal rights via an employment tribunal. If it is decided that the compromise agreement is not the best option then we cam advise you on pursuing your options via an employment tribunal/civil courts.

Our advice covers the full range of employment law issues that apply to you during your employment and on its termination. We understand the effect of dismissal and breach of contract on post-termination restrictions and the obligations that would prevent you from finding alternative employment.

In most cases your employer will pay for you to take legal advice on a compromise agreement because it’s in their interests to ensure the agreement is valid and correct. As a result, it’s likely our guidance won’t cost you a penny. The contribution from your employer to our legal fees is usually capped, but in most circumstances will be sufficient to cover the costs involved. If for any reason it is not we shall let you know before you incur any further fees.

If you need advice or, if you have a compromise agreement then please contact us using the form to the right.