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When you move into a house you are never sure of the type of neighbour you are going to get. Most people get on with their neighbours, but there are times when relations can be strained. This can be for any number of reasons, such as on street parking, boundaries, repairs to shared amenities or problems with noise.

Hopefully the issues can be ironed out and you can continue to live in peace with your neighbour. Sometimes though, this does not happen and a small disagreement about an issue can escalate into something much bigger. So how should you approach a disagreement with your neighbour?

In the interests of trying to improve relations with your neighbour and trying to resolve the issue early on, you should talk to them about the problem or perhaps write them a letter. If there are a number of people in your neighbourhood who are affected, you could all join together to try to explain how your neighbour’s behaviour is affecting them. This may help to bring an end to the dispute, or it could add fuel to the fire, but you do need to inform your neighbour about the issues.

There is a service called mediation which is there to help resolve disputes without the need to go to court. A trained mediator will ask both parties to talk about the problems they are facing and once they have heard both sides, they will make a decision based on what they have heard. Whilst the setup is similar to a court, it should be faster and cheaper than going to court. There are drawbacks though – you have to have both parties agree to attend mediation and the decision may not be legally binding.

Finally, when all else has failed you may need the help of a solicitor to resolve the matter. At Solicitor Direct we have experience in resolving all manner of disputes. We will initially discuss the matter with you and try and find a quick and cost effective solutions to your situation. It could be we start with a Solicitors letter or alternatively we may recommend other options such as mediation ((as above) court applications or adjudication. We have also liaise with your insurers, where appropriate, to obtain funding for any steps we may take.

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