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Faulty Product Claims

Faulty Product Claims

We have helped many of our clients claim compensation because of defective products

Have you found yourself injured from using a defective product? If so, please speak to us as you may have a product liability claim. Most consumer goods are included such as cosmetics, toys, power tools and furniture. We have helped many of our clients claim compensation as they have suffered severe injuries due to using an item which has been defective. In some cases the product has been recalled to ensure the safety of other consumers. Common injuries may involve:

  • Burns
  • Scarring
  • Broken arms/legs/limbs
  • Poisoning caused by contamination

It can be a lengthy process claiming for a faulty product however, we know how to help you achieve the result you want. We know the process involved and we want to understand how the defect in the item has caused you injury. There are a number of reasons for products to be faulty including failing to recall known faulty product, poor design, contamination, failure to display relevant warnings. It is our job to prove there is a fault and that fault caused the injuries. Manufacturers cannot escape liability simply by drafting a contract.

One of the most important things to do if you think you have been injured by a faulty product is keep the faulty product or photographs plus any documents relating to your claim. E.g. packaging, instructions and importantly, receipts/invoices. The more evidence we have the better we can act for you.

It may be financially, physically, mentally or emotionally. Please speak to us to ensure you receive the best advice and in most cases we can take your case on a no-win no fee basis.

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