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Financial Settlements

Divorce: Financial Settlements

Working towards a settlement to meet a couples reasonable needs

A split can have a devastating impact on both parties including children/ family as a whole. It can be a very emotional time and often the financial needs of both spouses and children can be overlooked. Your personal situation is very particular to you and no one set process can be followed. The area can be complex and often put people off but at Solicitor Direct we want to ensure everyone’s needs are thought out and a tailored solution be aspired to.

We offer honest, approachable advice which can hopefully work towards a settlement to meet a couples reasonable needs.

We need to look at the following and anything else you may need to consider:

  • Income and assets of both parties
  • Decisions needs to be made on the future requirements of both parties (and their children)
  • Business interests
  • Investments in companies
  • Pensions
  • Trusts
  • Offshore assets

The aim is to try and reach a financial settlement which is flexible and fair to both sides. We review all of these areas along with any input from accountants to produce a suitable solution. The law is always changing and the reasons for the divorce do not usually impact the financial settlement itself. For example, adultery is not a basis for increasing a financial settlement.

Specialists and More

In all cases we will do our very best to negotiate on your behalf and where possible avoid the courts. We are also members of Resolution. Resolution is a group of family lawyers who have committed and promote a non-confrontational approach to family problems. We abide by their Code of Practice which promotes the encouragement of a solution which considers the needs of all; particularly children. We agree to reduce and manage confrontation, support families, act with honesty, integrity and objectivity. For more information and the Code of practice please visit: www.resolution.org.uk.

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