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Living Will (Advance Directive)

Making a Living Will – Advance Directive

A Living Will (Advance Directive) is a legal document which sets out your wishes for future treatment.

What is a Living Will?

You may or may not have heard this term before but an Advance Directive/Living Will or now even advance decision is basically a legal document which sets out your wishes for future treatment. The statement or document explains what medical treatment you would want in the future should you lack the capacity to express your wishes at the time. (As defined by the Mental Capacity Act 2005.)

At Solicitor Direct we offer you this service usually when you are making a will but we can draft this at anytime. There are many advantages of setting out such a document including removing the burden or stress from loved ones or relatives. You may have religious beliefs which you wish to preserve throughout treatment or you may wish for certain steps to be taken should the worst happen.

Points to Consider

There are of course some limitations as you cannot ask for something illegal (assisted suicide), you cannot choose someone to make decisions (you would need a power of attorney to do this) or ask for specific medical treatment.

When considering a Will you should think about an advance directive or living will. Clearly outlining your wishes to friends and family can ensure that if you are unable to express your wishes later that your wishes are preserved. A living will can be updated or revoked at any time. You need to ensure your medical team are aware that a Living Will is in place. A copy should be given to your doctors or other relevant care givers/family members.

We at Solicitor Direct can help you carefully consider all your wishes are covered and avoid any problems or ambiguity. If you want to appoint individual(s) to make decisions for you another option is Lasting Power of Attorney. Your attorneys can be given the ability to give or refuse consent to life-sustaining treatment.

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