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Drink Driving

Drink Driving Solicitors

Being accused of drink driving does not necessarily lead to a conviction. It is vital if you are in this situation you must seek legal advice so that you find out the best possible course of action.

Defending drink driving allegations

Drink driving procedure is extremely technical and complicated and the police can often make mistakes. If the mistake is significant enough a procedural error in a drink driving case could lead to a case being thrown out of Court and the drink driving allegation being dropped.

The police often use a number of devices to measure the amount of alcohol in a person’s body; again this is subject to specific procedure which must be followed, if a drink driving device is incorrectly operated a technical defence to the drink driving charge could arise.

‘The hip flask defence’ or post driving consumption is a further defence to the allegation of drink driving. This is where a driver was not over the limit at the time of any incident but went on to consume alcohol before providing a sample to the police. Further drink driving conviction defences can be argued on the basis of whether or not the alleged offence actually took place on a road or public place as well as identification evidence.

Penalties for drink driving

This depends on the level of intoxication, however; on conviction disqualification is automatic and mandatory (unless in exceptional circumstances). If the matter is serious the court can give custodial sentences of up to 6 months for a drink driving conviction or in less serious cases the minimum disqualification 12 months and a financial penalty up to £5,000 could be imposed. If however, you have a previous alcohol related driving offence on your licence within the past 10 years the risk of a prison sentence is increased and the minimum driving ban is extended to up to 3 years.

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