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Transferring Deeds

Transfer of Deeds

We have over twenty years of experience in property law, conveyancing and deed transfers.

A Transfer of Equity is the term used to transfer the ownership of a share or interest in a property from one person to another. Often the transfer of ownership can also be done at the same time as a remortgage of the property.

There are many reasons for doing this including:

  • Divorce
  • Separation of parties
  • Marriage
  • Taxing planning

You have to ensure you choose a solicitor who has depth of knowledge in this area as transferring names can bring about many surrounding issues. You have to be aware of stamp duty implications, transferring property at an undervalue, gifting property and mortgage company requirements.

We are used to the process and therefore can get to grips with your situation, your needs and what the reasons for the transfer are. We can then be sure you are taking the right route for you and consider all matters required. We have over twenty years of experience and are more than equipped to deal with your transaction.

How we help

Our aim is to try and make sure the transfer goes smoothly, that you are protected, that this is the right course of action and that you are informed of costs involved during the transaction. Once all matters are considered the transaction itself can sometimes only take a couple of weeks to complete, it is ensuring that we go through everything from the outset that avoids delays or confusion.

Many Deed of Gift transfers take place between family members and as such transferring the property must be executed as a Deed as no consideration (money) is given in return for the gift.

The document is witnessed by parties (disinterested) who have no stake in the transfer of the property due to issues surrounding conflict of interests.

Giving a gift such as property can have several Inheritance Tax implications which we can further advise you on, such as if the donor lives for seven years or more after making the gift they will be exempt from paying this.

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