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Speeding Offences

Speeding Offence Solicitors

In most speeding offence cases, the punishment depends on how far you exceeded the speed limit. You are unlikely to be disqualified if for example, you were driving 34mph in a 30mph zone. If however, you have a number of offences and are at risk of having 12 points in three years then your punishment may be different. In the majority of cases, drivers found speeding will be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice which carries a minimum fine of £100 and three penalty points on your licence. If you accumulate 12 or more points in a three year period you are at risk of being disqualified.

The thresholds are also lower if you are a newly qualified driver. If you obtain six or more points in a two year period you may have your licence revoked. Penalty points stay on your driving licence for any period between 3 to 10 years, depending on the type of offence committed.

Drivers caught exceeding the speed limit by a considerable amount risk being prosecuted in Court. This involves being summoned to Court where possible penalties include up to six penalty points on your driving licence or disqualification and a fine.

Contesting a Speeding Offence

If you want to contest a speeding ticket offence in Court, bear in mind that the Court only needs to prove that you were speeding, so a defence such as ‘I didn’t realise the limit in that area’ will not be considered. It is important to speak to a solicitor and get the right legal advice for your situation. Remember we do offer FREE INITIAL ADVICE so you have nothing to lose.

Responding to a Speeding Fine / Prosecution

In most speeding offence cases, you will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution by post within 14 days. This normally requires you to respond within 28 days to clarify who was driving the vehicle at the time of the offence.

If you were stopped by a police officer, he/she may at the time decide to issue a verbal warning or inform you of prosecution. In some cases, you may be offered the chance to attend a speed awareness course as an alternative to penalty points. In the majority of speeding offence cases, upon returning the Notice of Intended Prosecution you will be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice.

If you believe you have a case to answer then you will be required to contest the speeding charge in Court. This can often be an unnerving and a complicated process, so it’s important to speak to an expert Solicitor who can guide you through each stage. Having the knowledge enables us to assess the best way forward for you and if possible defence your offence or secure a reduced punishment. This is obviously clearly important for those who have accumulated penalty points or who potentially face a ban.

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