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Storing or Destroying a Will

Storing or Destroying Your Will

We deal with all aspects of Wills, Probate & Trusts services including Will Storing and Will Destorying services

Once you have written your Will it needs to be stored in a place that is not at risk from damage, and yet can still be accessed by your executor after your death.

If you keep it in a bank safety deposit box, the bank will not open the box until the executor is granted probate, but probate cannot be granted without a Will. This is a terrible catch-22 situation which highlights how important it is to consider where, and with whom, you should leave this important document.

It is permissible to store your Will at home or with close friends and family. However, this does present a number of potential risks. Firstly, there are all the everyday hazards of fires, flooding and other damage that could destroy your Will. Secondly, if you do not advise your executor where you have put the document, he or she may not be able to locate it after you have gone. Both situations are extremely unwelcome, because if a Will is destroyed or lost, your final requests will not be carried out.

To avoid such an eventuality, it is best to ask your solicitor to keep your Will. Probate

Why Choose Solicitor Direct?

At Solicitor Direct we have a specialist fireproof safe in which Wills can be kept, ensuring your Last Will and Testament is safe from harm. All you need to do is tell someone – usually your executor – which solicitor’s office is holding it. Even better you can register your Will on a national database such as Certainty. If your executor doesn’t know which Solicitor you used they can search such a database and find which Solicitor has it. We can talk you through the process.

Alternatively if you want to destroy your Will, you must do so properly or it may still be considered valid. You must tear it up or burn it with the clear intention that you wish to revoke the document. This must be done by you, or at the very least, in your presence.

As long as you witness the destruction and you wilfully ordered it, the document will be revoked and you will no longer have a valid Will in place. After this you should waste no time in drawing up a fresh one or you will be at risk of dying intestate.

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We deal with all aspects of Wills, Probate & Trusts services (including Care home fees recovery and powers of attorney), we have a fire proof safe and we also are registered on Certainty.co.uk. Please just give us a call on 01772 424999 , email enquiries@solicitordirect.com or visit 71 Hough Lane Leyland PR25 2SA.