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Think you can’t make an injury claim?

We have recently had a few clients tell us they didn’t think they could make personal injury claims anymore or at least without a great whopping bill at the end. Think again… we’ve helped many a client recently claims thousands of pounds perhaps in instances you would not have thought about:

  • Injuries caused by failure of lockable straps for a Canoe £145,000.00
  • Injuries caused to a child due to a reaction to Cosmetic Shampoo £5300.00
  • Injuries caused to eye due to failed packaging £3250.00

You can claim damages for many different circumstances and many different injuries whether they be mental injuries or physical injuries. The main issue and question you need to establish is whether your injuries have been caused by someone’s negligence. Ultimately you need to just ring us for a chat or email us to find out. We can go through the information with you and find out if we can help you and the best way forward. Surely it’s worth a phone call. We can call you free of charge if you fill in the details below:

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