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Cutting the Costs of Moving

It can be very exciting buying a new property but of course as everyone knows also extremely stressful. People often forget about the escalating costs involved but there are ways to help save money.

The bills can include mortgage product fees, financial advisor fees, searches, legal costs plus the actual practical costs of removals or hiring a van. It can be fairly difficult to keep track of everything but try to start at the beginning.

Once your offer has been accepted and you have been provisionally accepted for a mortgage the next step is to find a solicitor. Most firms are competitive when it comes to conveyancing and often keep to fixed fees. Find a firm which quotes for everything including searches, stamp duty tax, land registry fees so that you can be sure you know what you are expected to pay. Survey costs are also a consideration and you are best obtaining a few different quotes to give you an idea where you can have. It is also a good idea to check reviews for both solicitors and surveyors to see how their clients find their service. Poor service can lead to delays and delays cost you money. Google is one of the best places to check for these.

Once all these things have been considered the actual practicalities of money need to be considered. Shop around. It is always the best approach but also check their flexibility and timeframes. When does the van have to be back? You may end up paying twice as much than your cheapest quote if you have to have a hire van back by a particular time.

Saving money is important but not always the best. You need good value for money. Make sure you get the right advice and that you are protected.

If you have any questions or need advice about moving home just call or email us on 01772 424999 or email enquiries@solicitordirect.com. Our aim is to create a stress less yet quality moving home service. We offer a combined estate agency and conveyancing package all dealt with under one roof. We definitely save you money without the worrying loss of service.

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