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Are you putting off viewers?

It goes without saying that when you put your house up for sale you are expected to regularly tidy your house ready for viewers and show them round. But are you indirectly putting off buyers?

You see your house in a different light to other people. Other people have differing views, priorities, likes and dis-likes. Therefore, don’t presume that you know what to do. Recently, a couple of our own staff members have been doing viewings and it has been surprising just how different the experiences have been.

Whether you’ve done viewings before or haven’t learn the basics. Practice if you have to. Whether you want to sell your house or not, regardless of the circumstances you must show your house or flat to its best potential. You need to make people welcome and you must let them feel they have a good look around. A house purchase is one of the largest purchases a person will ever make. Think about when you buy a car. You have a good look around, you test drive it, you have a look under the bonnet you put it under the microscope. What do you offer a viewer when they look around yours? Some people obviously feel very aware they are looking around someone else’s personal space however, you are selling it. Remember, make them feel welcome. Let them have a good look around and even allow them to browse around on their own if you feel comfortable to do so. You must let people form an opinion based on a good look and assessment of whats on offer. They shouldn’t be left thinking that they didn’t get the opportunity to work out layout/plan the living room how they would have it or even how they would sit out in the garden on a sunny day.

Not only make them feel welcome make sure you are prepared. Present your property to the best of it’s ability. Whether it needs work or whether it has undergone a complete removation without presenting in a good way you are letting the house down. Make sure you’ve had the heating on, lighting on appropriate to the setting (e..g low atmospheric lighting a living room) and make sure you off what’s on offer. Remember, you know your house but Joe Blogg’s public don’t. They don’t know you’ve had a new boiler last year, they don’t know the garden gets the sun all day, they don’t know these things. Often when a person looks around house they are trying to take it all in. Every aspect of your house is new to them. They won’t notice the lovely under cabinet lighting, the alarm system, the brand new double glazing simply because there’s viewing overload.

Try and strike up a conversation to a allow a viewer to feel comfortable. Why are they moving? Do they need more space? Are they down-sizing? Do they need to be near a certain location? Try and use this to sell your house. They need more space point out if you have double bedrooms, extra garage and cupboard/storage space.

Ultimately you are responsible for selling your house. Success is in your hands. Point out the obvious sometimes and the not- so obvious if you need to. After all this if you do not feel comfortable then get your estate agents to do it. Viewers often feel more comfortable when the agents views. Simply because they can talk freely without offending the owner or perhaps just simply puts them at ease. From your point of view you can almost get instantaneous feedback as most viewers are happy to share their opinion when the agent is there.

We offer agent viewings if you need it and if not, why not ask one of our agents for a mock viewing. We want to sell your house just as much as you do. We can talk through with you what you can do to best show off the features you may even not realise yourself.

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